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Official releases

  • gm_metro_ruralline archive (v1 - v29) : Download link (steam)
  • gm_metro_ruralline_final : Not released yet
  • gm_metro_cyanline_v1 : Not released yet
  • gm_metro_blueline_v1 : Not released yet
  • Rockport skinpack : Download link (steam)

3rd party made mods for RPT

Type Supported map Mod name Made by Notes Link
Skin - Rockport Transit "Phase 2" Skin For 81-720 TheCreepy31 Part of old abandoned skin pack Opens in steam
Signal v29 update pack for gm_metro_ruralline TheFulDeep n/a Opens in steam
Content replacement v29 Russian Content for Ruralline Alexell n/a Opens in steam
Announcer v29 German announcements for Metrostroi Alexander L. n/a Opens in steam

Type markings

  • Autodrive - Custom made autodrive for the map, Most of times made with new signal system.
  • Content replacement - Replaces some original files to something else, Like station sings.
  • Signal - Custom made signal system what does not follow official signaling anyhow.
  • Announcer - Custom made announcements made for the map
  • Boards - Custom made destination boards for the trains.
  • Skin - Single / packs made for maps.


Project licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 ( )

  • editing maps.
  You aren't allowed to include content from any RPT/RPM maps with your own map.
  You aren't allowed edit the any RPT/RPM maps and release them as your own.
  • Creating Rockport metropolitan to other games.
   You aren't allowed to create RPT/RPM to other games without written permission from main developer.
   You are allowed make small part & References map in other games.
  • Creating skins, logo usage / livery
   Creating skins in official format is allowed only with written permission, This includes:
     > Official Logo of RPT/RPM.
     > Exact Livery. (red-white)
Creating skins in 3rd party format is allowed fully, only things what aren't allowed for them are: > Using Official logo of RPT/RPM > Creating your own RPT/RPM logo is encouraged and recomended.
Copyright updated | 14/03/2020 : 10:21pm

Ruralline's every release history

Map name Version Signals Tracks Annouser Workshop links Notes
gm_metro_rural_line V1 Yes Yes No [Download] Very first version of the map.
gm_metro_rural_line V2 Yes Yes No N/A Replaced by v2.2 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.1 Yes Yes No N/A releases from v1 until v2.8 used same name, so updates 2.1 - 2.7 aren't compatible with V1 update.
gm_metro_rural_line V2.2 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.3 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.3 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.4 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.4 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.5 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.5 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.6 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.6 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.7 update
gm_metro_rural_line V2.7 Yes Yes No N/A replaced by v2.8 update.
gm_metro_rural_line_2 V2.8 Yes Yes yes [Download] Stable build, old signaling system (DURA era)
gm_metro_ruralline V29 Yes Yes Yes [Download] Unstable build and has weird signaling system.
gm_metro_ruralline final Yes Yes Yes Not released yet Fix update for V29.
gm_metro_ruralline Snow update Yes Yes Yes N/A Removed 20/11/2018
gm_metro_cyanline V1 Yes Yes Yes N/A Fully new map with new Universe.
gm_metro_blueline V1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Fully rebuild map from ground up
  • Signals - Signals, Routes, ARS/ALS Frequencies
  • Tracks - Track information, working signals
  • Announcer - Built-in Announcer has sounds & data for map